What are Mini Trucks?

Mini trucks are everyday road vehicles in Japan with lights, blinkers, enclosed cabs and heat.  They are imported into the USA as multi-purpose all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs).

How do mini trucks compare to other UTV\ATVs?

What are the general specifications of a mini truck?

Weight: Base - 1,600 lbs | with Tracks 2,000 lbs

Length: Base - 11' | with Tracks 13'

Width: Base - 58" | with ATV Tires - 61" | with Tracks 72"

Height: Base - 71" | 2" Lift & ATV Tires 75" | Lift & Tracks 80"

Cargo Box Size: 6.5' x 4.5'

Rated Box Capacity: 850 lbs

Engine: 660 cc, 3 or 4 cylinder

HP: 35-50

Fuel: Gasoline

Drive: 2x4 or 4x4

What models are available?

What are some mini truck options?

Air Conditioning

Automatic transmission

High – low range

Differential lock
Axle lock

Electro-Hydraulic dump bed

Can ARMAR Services service my mini truck?

ARMAR Services offers sales, service, parts and accessories.  Custom modifications such as bumper hitches, snow plows, dump bed conversions and more.